For anyone else reading this that may be dealing with or end up dealing with a TBI/Post Concussion Syndrome, dont let your doctor tell you there’s no treatment except rest. Vision therapy, neuro optometrist, hyperbaric chamber, OT/PT, clean up your diet, hydrate more than you thought you could ever hydrate, get regular sleep, stay away from xtroptions computers and smart phones. I was hoping Pinkbike would give us some updates on her. I keep on having to look for that link whenever I think of it. I hope she can recover to a point she can come back to PB. Reading those updates is really devastating, she is making progress but it seems had a severe brain damage and so so much work to do.


GG frame, Cane Creek suspension, i9 wheelset. Drivetrain is probably a no go as well as tires though. The bikes are at somewhat different spec levels. If you buy the BMC FourStroke with the same spec level as the Allied , it’s notably more expensive . The cheapest bike is sporting a Deore build kit and weighs 34 pounds, so it doesn’t really seem comparable either. Both felt like 2018 geo with relatively steep HTAs and short reach and wheelbases and both had less rear travel.

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This is just based on current fork designs of course. THe current stumpjumper might be just out of the category with its travel numbers, but dang that thing is light and pedals so freaking well. I bet if you built it up with aggro-XC (« downcountry ») wheels and tires it will climb as well as any of them here but then have a competitive edge on the descents from its geo and travel. As I think Scott Sebb said in a previous article, take a simplistic suspension design and just add 10mm more travel and now it will probably perform as good or better than a complex one at the lower travel. I grew up wanting bikes that RC designed. I also grew up loving MBA, but thought it turned super-bad under what I perceived as RC’s leadership.

If we disqualify every brand who has their frames made in Taiwan by another company like Giant, there would be few left outside the boutique brands. Then the trail would be nice and quiet for all the dentists to ride in peace I guess. Where as a 4k xc bike is really going to struggle to compete with their 10k comparison. 3 riders weights lbs, 160 lbs, 170 lbs.


Perhaps you are right about this discussion though. Pinkbike does need to know that nobody wants them to sell out. In the interest of full disclosure, why can’t he say « Pivot gave me a bike to test for a week that I returned »? It would help allay the internet conspiracies of basement dwelling losers like myself who don’t have personal relationships with bike industry bigshots and know the real story. I can appreciate you defending your colleague. It would be classier if you didn’t try to demean a Pinkbike reader to do so.

Video: Welcome to the 2022 Downcountry Field Test

I will say that for more technical riding, I prefer their Firebird, but can tackel pretty much the same terrain on the M5.7, just not with the same confidence or speed. Unless you ask for a tail whip, the ‘5.7 stays on line after the wheels leave the ground and when it returns, the bike is business as usual. Where the Mach 5.7 shines is pedalling up and over rough terrain, where the suspension keeps the bike moving forward noticeably better. The recurved shock rate seems more responsive to terrain under pedalling tension and manages this without stealing leg power. That said; the advantage of Propedal-assist is more than bob-free pedalling.

Thats who is going to pay for this, unless he is a dedicated biker. I don’t feel their selling bikes like this anymore to dedicated bikers. We will call what well sell  » FUN FUN »// make it sound like  » KEN AND BARBY ».. On one hand Im not sure what to think. I think with his presence one can safely say that it will be a fair review.

Because bike brands are reluctant to send anything other than their higher end when pitted against other bikes (because you wouldn’t want say a component spec to be the reason your frame gets a less favorable review). If I were the marketing manager of a bike company I’d do the same. There are lower spec options easily viewble on their websites and PB already do a Value Field Test.

  • I understand the prices for bikes these days.
  • I rode a lot of bikes before I settled on this.
  • That means that if you were to run into us on the trail, you might find us swapping pedals, working shock pumps, and doing other things while we rotate bikes between us during countless rides in Quebec City.
  • Which has a 12×142 rear-end so dunno what you’re on about w/10×135..

Put Mike Levy on the bike and see what he has to say. I agree they do a really good job here compared to most magazines. I mainly come here for the videos, photos, and and user generated TRs anyways. Yes rotors are metric yet we still see morons constantly calling the 160mm rotors as 6 inch when they’re actually 6.3 inches. We see this in magazine reviews and we see this in forum posts and classified ads. But if you really need to nitpick out this pivot review to a typo on the rotor size…

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Shimano’s latest XTR two-by-ten transmission is impressive. Shifting feels spot on with every click and we never lost a chain, even when we were pounding slick rock descents spun out in the 38/11 top gear. For those who shift in the push-push mode, Shimano’s dual-action trigger lever feels cramped and slightly out of position regardless of how the shifters are angled. In its intended thumb-and-forefinger mode, however, the latest RapidFire ergonomics feel just right. • Compatible with 140 or 150-millimeter–travel forks.

From what I understood, downcountry was basically an XC race bike with a slightly longer travel fork, better tires and the right stem and handlebar for more control. All these bikes here seem to have way more rear travel than a typical XC race bike and I’m not following the race scene closely, but I suppose these frames aren’t being used in WC XC racing. Look, I’m fine with a little evolution but it gets pointless to keep up with this stuff. Let’s just call these trail bikes and whatever was first called downcountry can still be called downcountry.


Insist on a two-by crankset, but consider 38 by 24 or a 36 by 24-tooth gearing to maximize the Pivot’s performance. Get ready for some high speed fun when you turn the Mach 5.7 loose on a descent. With sharp, Super D acceleration on tap for rolling climbs and corner exits, and its point-and-shoot turning skills, the Mach 5.7 gets going in a hurry when it catches the scent of gravity. With its Shimano ICE Trail brakes, the choice to pick through the boulders or send it over the top can be made with nanosecond precision and its smooth, balanced suspension action can cover a multitude of errors. Where the original Mach 5 felt like it had a bit less than five inches of wheel travel when pressed, the new ‘5.7 feels a bit better than its posted numbers, especially under braking and when landing flat. Our test bike was fitted with a Fox 32 Float RLC fork and a QR15 axle system, which is pretty important to keep a 150-millimeter-stroke fork with 32-millimeter stanchion tubes carving a tight line through the turns.

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I mean we all dig the subject matter regardless…in all fairness I am associating RC with MBA and not letting my brain seperate their history right now. Never liked the bent seat tube and linkage set up. This and the Firebird are at the top of my must-ride list at Outerbike next year. I’m guessing you are responding to a comment that has already been pulled. Isaacds do realize that those flags say where your living not where your from….

The goal here is to provide the riding community with information. Bike companies read the reviews as well, so even Pivot’s competitors are taking note as to what revisions they can make in the future to build a better bike. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, and helps, even if minutely, to progress the industry. So downcountry is marathon, which was around 75mm back in the day.

No matter how much nuance the PB team try to build into the article – whingers gotta whinge. Please be sure to have a good old yarn about the field test on the Podcast too, always enjoy the more ‘unchanined’ comments outside of the more polished actual written/video reviews. This time around it was me, Matt Beer, and the always-smiling Sarah Moore who signed up to ride these bikes.

I don’ t criticize rc’s bias of Chris cocacis cause he creates great riding, great quality bikes. Rolling out on the Mach 5.7 feels like a different animal than its predecessor. Where the original felt like a long-travel XC ride, the Mach 5.7’s 67-degree head angle steers with more purpose and its suspension feels deeper and more responsive. The sensation leaves the legs wondering if the Mach 5.7 will be a disappointment when powering on the flats or when the climbs begin. Not to worry though, because the new machine accelerates quite well with the shock wide open and nearly matches the original with the assistance of the Propedal lever.

The goal is to inform the audience of the traits that make the product desirable. If it reads like an ad, it’s usually because the reviewer has gone to great length to be as thorough as possible, and they ended up thoroughly enjoying the product. There are several instances in the above review that mention negative traits of the bike, so it’s not all lollipops and rainbows in RC’s world. It’s a bit like when you met your girlfriend for the first time and you had to seperate the history between her and that other a-hole she used to be with.