For an Aquarian person, the best gender position is definitely one that makes him truly feel in charge. The reverse cowgirl position gives him the feeling of control and freedom while enhancing clitoral enjoyment. Virgos prefer ease and clean lines, but they also crave for the purpose of sexual pleasure and adventure. The missionary posture is a good in shape for this sign, which needs a woman to lie on a flat surface whilst her man rests his feet on hers.

A great Aquarian man loves to be lively and will be pleased to play with his spouse. He will want to be near to you and will demand your company. A pillow struggle will make him scream for more, but it will also show him that you are a different and various partner.

A man Aquarius likes to discuss his lovemaking sessions, so make sure that you talk about it! You don’t need to overdo it or be pushy, although subtle flirtatious remarks will definitely turn him on. Using funny and clever remarks is an excellent way to turn your Aquarius on.

The Aquarius guy is unpredictable and playful. He will not feel limited or afraid of a woman and may appreciate the opportunity to talk about anything. Whilst he relishes the company of his partner, he is also very creative and loves dressing up for sexual intercourse. The Aquarius man looks forward to erotic bra and panty set.