Dreamy muted gradients are one of the next trends taking the graphic design world by storm. Whether you’re looking ahead or drawing inspiration from the past, we suspect that among the creative trends of the coming year you’ll find something that resonates. Ranging from dreamy gradients and simplistic logos to abstract surrealism and maximalism, here are 9 of the top graphic design trends to watch over https://globalcloudteam.com/ the next year. A design trend is a curious phenomenon — even while it’s mainstream, it can be edgy and exciting. For graphic designers and creatives, following the latest graphic design trends is less like jumping on the bandwagon and more like joining a revolution. Designs, including geometric shapes, are simple and minimal; that’s why people love it for branding and social media post designs.

Instead of distracting elements, the messaging or information stands out instantly. Actually, that might be the biggest driving force that has brought these flowing shapes and lines to the masses. I think that your illustrations need to get a little more imaginative, abstract, and even dreamy to really stand out in 2020. So as you can see gradients show no sign of slowing down, but the way you use them in 2020 has to be a lot more innovative than in previous years.

Data Visualization

In one example, the ads simply feature a list of ingredients in the brand’s colors. This trend favors the simplicity of minimalism with a hit of color. Surrealism is traditionally marked by vibrant colors, juxtapositions, and negative space. Shutterstock says surreal images can be eccentric and energizing, but also point to the fact that surrealism can be chic and modern, if done in the right way. According to the Adobe Trust Report, 72% of consumers say poor personalization decreases their trust in brands. Nearly 90% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support.

In fact, companies rebranding with a plethora of colors schemes is one of the first graphic design trends that I see really taking off. For many designers, the last month of the year is very busy, and creating up-to-date designs is increasingly difficult. In 2022, there will be many changes, and graphic design trends now play an important role in the site’s quality metrics and customer focus. With Design Pickle, you can create a consistent brand identity, while keeping up with the latest design trends for 2022. The aim is to create a background that doesn’t look too busy and distracting. We’re now seeing neon backgrounds return in time for 2022, especially in new logo design trends that make use of these neon colors and branded visuals.

Cis-gender, White, able-bodied males were considered the default in visual media. At Venngage, we’ve been regularly usingdiverse iconsand illustrations in our templates to reflect our workforce and audience. The combination of retro art and innovative solutions is relevant. And the demonstration of the old days will give a maximum of warm feelings. Gradients will continue to be relevant next year, so you shouldn’t give up on them when creating logos.

Ukiyo-e, a printing method using hand-carved blocks of wood, was a huge trend in Japan throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. Presentation Design Engage your audience with on-brand presentations that stand out from the competition. Here’s how Slack has been incorporating representative visuals across its website.

Large Typography Will Dominate

This trend is a great way to make a point and draw someone’s attention to a specific area of the design. We can see the 90s making a comeback in many of the trends on this list. Yet, the nostalgia trend reflects a longing for the past through rose-colored glasses. Frasurbane—a portmanteau of the 90s American sitcom Frasier and the word “urbane”—is another style that hearkens back to the 90s but from the point of view of the young adults. It considers the GenXers who, at that point, were settling down in urban areas and were finally earning enough money to indulge themselves in some high culture. Essentially, this is encapsulated by Frasier’s Seattle apartment—which included a grand piano, a modernistic fireplace and a statement column all within a general beige decor.

Most Y2K aesthetics rely on the use of technology and an overall futuristic look using complex, iridescent gradients and low poly CGI. Some elements of Y2K could also be recognized as Vaporwave since it shares the same retro futuristic vibe. The designs of the next year will be bright, feature bold gradients, use gritty textures, and rely on unusual typefaces. Not surprisingly, pink is a popular color when it comes to brands and products that market to women. Pink is one candy-colored pastel that Shutterfly predicts designers will be using more frequently in the future. San Pellegrino is one brand that’s recently turned to a colorful minimalistic design for packaging.

Trend #8

This diffraction of light is very attractive and has climbed to rival the top trends in graphic design. Graphic designers, as usual, found a creative way to bring this movement in decorative arts and architecture into the digital. We see gorgeous posters, illustrations, business cards, and websites in Art Deco, and we can’t get enough.

Our team will discuss your organizational goals, identify solutions, and define action steps that benefit your brand. Gain new knowledge and leave with inspiration to elevate your business or nonprofit. Interior design is using more and more unique art pieces and furniture from small artists and up-and-coming companies. There are a lot of curves playing out in interior design right now. The simple design clearly communicates the message of the graphic. This is the year that minimalism, hopefully, gets its groove back.

Biophilic design can be described as when nature is built into your house. Plus, it puts the user at ease, appeals to the child in all of us, and makes the product seem more accessible. This is especially helpful if you are a large tech company like Dropbox. The need for clean and perfect images in everything has only exasperated the problem as well.

But as we’ve seen in these examples, they are a great way to add a little bit of eye-catching color to your design. Traditionally, companies have a few colors that they use across all of their branding and design work. This helps people Web Design Trends recognize them out in the world, on social media and other places online. Custom or hand-drawn illustrations are an excellent way to make your visual content stand out. And stand above all the other brands that take the easy way out.

Light And Dark Color Schemes

What’s great about these design ideas is that they are very easy to adapt to almost every illustration and/or animation form. From typography to web design, they can serve as bases for engaging and intricate designs. Because memes are so popular and simple to comprehend, brands can quickly repurpose them or develop new ones to drive an instant and authentic connection with their audience. They’re created with the objective to deliver information in a simple and succinct manner, and luckily we’re starting to see more entertaining visualizations emerge in 2022. The 2022 Winter Olympics made for great meme content for brands!

Risograph is a brand of digital duplicators that was initially created for photocopying and printing. Due to the grainy look that the device left on prints, it later became a tool for visual artists and designers to create authentic artworks. An explorative blend of three-dimensional shapes, colors, and typography will help create bold and revolutionary graphics.

  • Custom Illustrations Customize your creative direction with on-demand and original illustrations.
  • Shutterstock named “surreal faces” as one of the top design trends of 2021, and we expect fantastical and bizarre designs of all kinds to make an impact in the coming years.
  • For a long time, all sites were created according to a certain grid.
  • Simple shapes combined with bold colors that are both nostalgic and futuristic will captivate audiences and help convey brand messages.
  • Doodling in graphic design facilitates the creation of more informal, personal, and overall joyful compositions.

Unexpectedly, classical serif fonts and muted colors returned to their former majesty. But the appearance of the psychedelic design, as far as we are concerned, is very in tune with today’s realities of chaos and instability. Design trends, styles and techniques quite literally shape the visual world around us, impacting everything from fashion and interior design to social media and marketing. So, with a new year upon us, we thought it was about time to predict which graphic design trends will dominate the creative industries in 2022.

The Biggest Graphic Design Trends For 2018:

Note how the boldness of the background doesn’t take away from the key elements in the visuals. You can still read the text, see the icons, and understand the core message of the deck. But brands have moved away from sharing yet more devastating news about the pandemic. Instead, they’re creating data-related content about topics that are appealing and enjoyable. LinkedIn Marketing has also taken to creating data visualizations about relevant topics. But the brand is using a lighter tone, like in this tweet about inboxes.

You may also be interested in the best free fonts to use right now. Not like turning off the stove or locking the door when leaving the house, but viewing back the amazing websites you’ve found. So, it’s a matter of balance between creativity and convention. Try to find that point of juncture, and your design will be an eternal piece. However, knowing what you want to achieve with this design is also important. For example, the old-school looks might not work for a tech company.

Simplify The Way Your Design Work Gets Done

You might think of following this graphic design trend and using a similar color scheme to give a more positive vibe and appeal to the inner child of the users. Then there is a need to check out the latest graphic design trends to be more hip and valuable. Due to global technological and social changes that are already taking place, we will see the emergence of more immersive graphic design. In the future, people will need more meaningful experiences that involve 3D visuals, artificial intelligence technology, and augmented reality.

When it comes to graphic design elements, the Y2K look eschews clean minimalism and embraces all things kitschy and irreverent. Many graphic designers find this trend bold, expressive, yet purposeful and engaging. Again, as we’ve seen with so many of our brand identity trends, this is crucial for attracting attention in a very busy digital world.

The trend for motion design we referred to above will also influence type, he adds. « There is a visual renaissance happening, after years of graphic sameness brought on by previously limiting functional requirements of living in a digital space, » she says. 54 Typographic Business Cards to Get You InspiredWith all these amazing fonts popping up, we understand why typography is getting all the attention again in graphic design. So to get you inspired, we collected 54 lovely typographic business cards for you to scroll through. To help you guide the way through all those different font styles, we listed 10 of the most popular trends out there at the moment together with some font options. So whenever you start a new project, we’re here to make that process of looking for the perfect font a whole lot smoother.

This wasn’t confined to the world of graphics — as early as 2020, people around the world responded to quarantine by filling indoor spaces with more plants than ever. But memes are so popular and easy to understand that brands can easily repurpose them or create new ones and build an instant connection with their audience. Zendesk has been cleverly using geometric shapes in its marketing visuals, like in this Twitter post that relates back to the geometric shapes in their logo. When people see something that looks unique and personal, they’re more likely to take notice.