From the left-pane menu, select the About option. Simultaneously press the Windows logo key and X key. This shortcut is designed to evoke the Quick Access menu in Windows 10. Our software is featured on CNET and we area Silver Microsoft Partner.

The second option is helpful if you want to ensure nobody will access your current files after a reset. You are only able to back up personal files, and cannot back up the software on your computer. After your system is restored, you’ll need to reinstall the software that was installed in the C drive . For application software that was installed on a non-system disk , you can decide whether to reinstall the software depending on their features.

How to Reinstall Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

The first thing you can do that open the fan and clean it. If it does not work then you have to replace your laptop fan. WindowsClassroom is a tutorial blog for solutions related to operating system Windows. Here you can get the solutions for Windows 10, 8, 7 and some other issues related to Internet, Browser, etc.

  • Some can even fake the Windows activation error messages to mess with you.
  • Generation 1 – Supports 32-bit and 64-bit guest operating systems from Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 onwards.
  • That’s where resetting it back to its factory settings can prove useful in helping to get it back up and running like new again.
  • Sometimes your computer may not boot properly due to many reasons.

Since mid-2020, the new WSL version 2 is available, which represents a fundamental revision of the underlying architecture and enables better performance and speed. Anyway, it seems that a lot of people are getting a hard time using the HP’s Ryzen chipset-based computer, a.k.a. Omen 15-en0xxx and a Windows Feature called ‘Virtual Machine Platform’. I regularly keep my system up-to-date and all have latest the updates including the latest bios.

How to Factory Reset a MacBook, Windows Laptop or Chromebook to Sell or Give Away

Once the process starts, you cannot interrupt it. Resetting your PC is ideal for correcting problems you may have with the PC’s hard drive or the Windows operating system. The resetting process also removes all applications installed on the system. It then reinstalls Windows and any other applications that the computer’s manufacturer originally installed. There are a few methods of rebooting your HUAWEI laptop to factory settings, but here is the method that uses Windows 10 for factory resetting your HUAWEI laptop. If you want to remove all your personal data, choose the Remove everything option.

If you want to activate Windows Server 2022 KMS client versions on the KMS host running Windows Server 2019, you need to install June 8, 2021 KB , or later cumulative update. So this article was about How to Activate Windows 10 pro without any software. With this method, you can activate all Windows 10 versions Go Now for free.

For more information on how to use the tool, see the instructions below. Run the bat file as administrator to activate your copy of windows. However, users can freely download the Windows 10 disc image file from Microsoft’s website with the media creation utility. After restarting your PC reapat all the process step by step.